Being Accountable (Back on the road to wellness)…

I have worked out in some fashion for the last 26 years, when the Pandemic happened and there were multiple restrictions at the gym I was going to, I quit. I now realize that my major weight loss was probably connected to getting Covid. November rolled around and I started not caring about myself physically and ate the pounds lost back on to my body. I did try home resistance band work outs, work out apps and punching the bag (this is better as a stress reliever from a terrible day at work). But I really missed the variety of the gym, and because it’s a gym related to a hospital there are more older people and people that seem to be serious about working out over socializing.

So July 10 2021 I start fresh. Here is to healthier days.

Unscheduled Mounds (under construction)…


that’s me

wallowing in misery

our flat in disarray

temptations calling my name, unmotivated

those mounds are your security blanket

those mounds push me to the grave

why do I have such a hard time ?

Constantly under construction, my foundation is crumpling under foot

I did it many times before, WILL DO IT AGAIN

This WEIGHS on me…

So YouTube is my social media addiction of choice. I sometimes find myself watching competitive eaters. This one guy Randy Santel recently posted about getting into Mount Mary University to study for a Master’s of Dietetics. Ideally, this guy that eats enormous amounts of food for YouTube, wants to offer professional help for people like me.

On the one hand, Kudos to him for choosing a noble profession, on the other hand if I was referred by my family doctor to him once he assumes this profession and I’d say “Hey you’re that guy that used to do competitive eating!”, If his response to me was “I still do.” I would be hard pressed to take him seriously.

Best Investment…

When I was about 8 my Dad bought me kid sized Boxing gloves. I never had a bag though. I would just hit my dad’s hands. It lasted about 3 years. A fond memory is watching boxing with my Dad, it was truly the only sport I was into. I suppose it was a bonding moment between us that I cherish to this day. Proving he wasn’t a total asshole. Took me nearly 43 years later to buy myself a bag. Punching and dancing ( the occasional kick) around this bag for 30 minutes was one hell of cardio workout.