W3 Prompt #29: Quit Equals Death…

(A blitz poem based on truth from the mid 90’s when a co-worker quit because a cricket got stuck in a mouse trap, in trying to save the cricket she killed it. Ah the days of a costume character performer at Dorney Park)

Alice is crazed
Alice will quit
Quit is an option ?
Quit is foolishness
Foolishness is obsession
Foolishness is trying to save a life
Life of mouse, life of a cricket
Life of 90 days
Days spent performing
Days spent searching
Searching for the squeaks, the chirps
Searching for the tortured
Tortured insect
Tortured life
Life matters
life, big & small
small like a cricket
small like a mouse
Mouse Survivor
Mouse Laughing
Laughing co-workers
Laughing Loud
LOUD Alice becomes
ENRAGED & Seeking Freedom
ENRAGED it's life is only 89 more days
Days to chirp once more
Days she yells
Yells & Cries
Up she looks and prays
Up held to the light
Light like a beacon of hope
Light shines on the glue trap
Trap Stuck Tug
Trap Stuck Pull
Pull on it's legs
Pull it free
Free? pulled too hard
Working no more
Working her way out
Out to prevent death
Death by trap is inhumane
Death no more

W3 Prompt #24: The Real Reason She Dumped His Ass, On A Really Hot Day At The Beach…

The Real Reason She Dumped His Ass, On A Really Hot Day At The Beach

He takes big gulps to quench his thirst !
Too fast, it hurts !
Don't want to choke !
Or provoke stroke !

You're such a hypochondriac !
Could cause cardiac...
...Arrest ? Think not.
Or a blood clot !

I'm just drinking.
Overthinking !
That's what I do.
I'm through with you.

If you would like to give it a go: https://skepticskaddish.com/2022/10/12/w3-prompt-24-weave-written-weekly/

My poem was written following these rules:

Option #1: Write a ‘Minute Poem’

  • Narrative poetry—Tell a story in real time of a minute;  
  • A 12 line poem comprised of 3 quatrains (3 stanzas of 4 lines); 
  • Syllabic: The first line of each stanza has 8 syllables. The following 3 lines in each stanza have 4 syllables; 
  • Rhyming: aabb ccdd eeff; 
  • Poem illustrates an event in real time of 60 seconds;
  • A light hearted form of poetry that suits humorous verse. 

Swimming against the tide…

**NOTE: THIS POEM ORIGINALLY WRITTEN IN JULY IS NOW PART OF A COLLABORATION AT https://skepticskaddish.com/2022/10/04/ebb-or-tide/

A Nonce Style poem, is a poem that doesn’t already exist. These are my rules for The Snyder Nonce.

six syllables in the title of the poem and ten syllables per line for the first four lines, the poem is 11 lines long and the 2nd and 10th line are the same. Lines 3-8 have a rhyme scheme of ababaa


She swam against the tide that was too strong
Found herself nearly drowned in the process
He told her to continue to hold on
She could barely grab a hold of his hand
Her sullen expression, was a bit withdrawn
He pushed himself through no man's land
Refusing to let Satan collect his pawn
Refusing to let her feelings be forgone
They both went under yet hand in hand
Found herself nearly drowned in the process
But the power of faith washed them ashore, to live another day once more

**My wife has been spiraling, our term for when her bi-polar disorder and my anxiety/depression are way out of control. At the moment, I thank God that I am currently feet firmly planted under a ray of sunshine, not a dark cloud in sight. She has been stressed immensely as of late coming from a lot of different angles. She had urges to cut herself, but has not acted upon them. I don't want to have to admit her for the third time in 12 years, so I am praying that she somehow finds an opportunity to step into the light.**