Word Wednesday: A Horrorible [sic] Film Best Left Forgotten…

I had high hopes for this film.

Arrebato (Rapture)

DIR: Ivan Zulueta

1979 Spain

The trailer was far more interesting than the film itself. My local art house cinema offered this film as part of their first Saturday horror series. It was playing on national cinema day where mostly* all movies everywhere cost $3 to see all day at any time. I was feeling slightly under the weather, so I refrained from seeing it out.

I saw that it was for rent on YouTube for $4.99 so I streamed it instead. For a moment it seemed like this film may have been a ghost story, but it never went anywhere. If anything it’s a film about heroin addiction with some odd scenes mixed in. I lasted 45 minutes into this 1hr 55 min film. Watching paint dry would’ve been a better way to pass the time. Omg, there was zero tension in this film, no scares, no true horror to speak of. It was incredibly boring. I did fast forward through the remainder of the film with the hopes of finding anything to hold my interest.


Turns out the director of this film made two films in his lifetime and a few tv shows. He was primarily responsible for designing the early posters for Pedro Almodovar Films. Dude was a better designer than filmmaker.

*The local drive-ins didn’t adhere to this.

As I said, this film was about heroin addiction, including a close up of a character shooting up, which was most likely the director as stand-in because Zulueta was indulging during the making of this film.