Neo Eden/Days of End (I Write Her Weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge #44)….

Photo credited to: Lucid Being Ash D Solomon Neo Eden/Days of End With Global Warming Having Sealed Our Planets Fate GOD, begins again it’s that time again for another weekly haiku photo interpretation challenge by fellow blogger “I write Her”. If perchance you want to take part you can click the ink below: IWriteHer  

Opinion: Did Bible Tracts Work ?

These little you sin you go to hell you repent you are saved comics could be found for the longest time in gas station bathrooms, on cars parked at porn shops, bars and other places that the person handing them out felt was a blasphemous place to hang. Sometimes left in random places or handedContinue reading “Opinion: Did Bible Tracts Work ?”

Sweet Maternal Sunshine (After Shannon L. Alder)…

sweet maternal sunshine radiating on the daily you are forever etched in my soul as only a mother can be, my journey through life and my ups and downs with people are of my own doing and undoing that if i reach deep into my heart i find that i am so very much the essence of you,Continue reading “Sweet Maternal Sunshine (After Shannon L. Alder)…”

Feeding Stability…

feeding the cat feeding the family family is love family is stress stress is hard stress is in abundance abundance of money abundance of happiness happiness surrounds me happiness is a hug hug my wife hug my mom mom was my world mom was my rock rock and roll rock till you drop drop someContinue reading “Feeding Stability…”