My first official internet Troll…


Someone felt the need to leave empty criticism on one of my posts. His words: “To be honest, this is bad writing.” And left it at that. I’ve never once professed to be a great writer, but I am of the school of if you have nothing nice to say than say nothing at all. Or at least in this case, tell me why you think it’s bad ?

so this is my creative retort written in a rondeau. Thank You KT Workman for the inspiration.

(Note: A rondeau poem has 15 lines containing 3 stanzas—a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet. Lines 9 and 15 are short: a refrain consisting of a phrase taken from the 1st line.

Rhyme scheme: a-a-b-b-a, a-a-b-R, a-a-b-b-a-R.)

To be honest with you, your writing sucks !

What makes you think I give two flying fucks !
Well, I’m so sorry, it had to be said.
Can’t you offer better feedback instead ?
You can’t write for shit, what’s there to discuss ?

Did I write too much, what would you deduct ?
Well then please zip it, it’s best left unsaid

Thanks for the worthless thoughts up in my head said to my face there may have been bloodshed empty critiques, never a place to tread. to be honest…

My Rose…

poetry, words

I love her mind body soul.
Love her life, admired like minded.
Her life admired, a rose basking.
Mind admired, a humanity is within.
Body like rose, is so glorious.
Soul minded, basking, within glorious God

**this is a square matrix style poem created by Lewis Carroll. It is the same by both column and row, six words to form a square. My square is slightly off because of the inclusion of commas. This style of poetry is incredibly challenging and complex to get everything to be coherent. Technically you can use any amount of words the more words used the more complex**

two word version ie.
Love God.
God above.

photo credit to Engin Akyurt via pexels

Off the top of my head #1…

Art, poetry, words

So first I want to preface by saying with package #3 of 6, I am not satisfied with the Delaware Contemporary Art Take Out 6 month subscription for $130. When I saw what fellow blogger Claudia McGill made way back in February I thought it was very cool and hoped each box would be of the same caliber. I now realize that this is aimed primarily at non creatives and/or children. The occasional free art supplies are cool and I will make more of these off the top of my head poems placed in various locations perhaps the next on my car 😁 but once this subscription runs it’s course I won’t renew.

The Brilliance of Better Days (a villanelle sequel to Work Persona)…


I’ve relaxed and settled in my chair

it’s been far too long

my surroundings I’m aware

perhaps I sought relief with prayer

knowing me, it was through song

I’ve relaxed and settled in my chair

22 years put gray in my hair

but now, I’m feeling strong

my surroundings I’m aware

two years away, gave me time to prepare

my attitude was wrong

I’ve relaxed and settled in my chair

emotions damaged, but not beyond repair

for decades I was withdrawn

my surroundings I’m aware

on the daily, no longer basking in despair

with this transformation I have undergone

my surroundings I’m aware

I’ve relaxed and settled in my chair

I’ve relaxed and settled in my chair

I haven’t been in a print publication since the 1990’s…


Edited by Susi Bocks

I wrote three haiku’s called persona way back in February of 2020 for Susi’s I write her Blog Feature, The Short of it found here. Susi was one of the first bloggers I made a connection with when I started this blog in 2018. This will be the first time in decades since I’ve had something published in print. In the 90’s I had a poem in some publication for The National library of poetry, as well as multiple zines (including my own). It is a great honor to be among the talented poets who are included in this first volume. Thanks Kindly, Susi. You Rock 😁💯

My 5 foot 4 Savior (A Curtal Sonnet)…


That for which does not define me, said I.

Only thy love knows thy beats and measures.

Thy love is of the purest and demure.

My love for her I will never deny.

She soothes my pains and offers me pleasures.

She has the confidence to reassure,

that burden’s are overcome by hurdles.

She at times succumbs, to her own pressures.

Her frenzied muddled mind at times unsure.

With perseverance there are reversals.

We endure.

**Authors Note: Expect more poetry from yours truly, it’s my way of getting through whatever darkness that grabs a hold of me and won’t let go. In this case it’s dealing with what I left three years ago at my job only to come to terms that nothing has truly changed in returning to the department I left. I honestly thought by now, people would’ve matured into how they manage, I was mistaken. I needed to expel the pain and instead of wallowing in my own misery, the rhyme scheme and structure of this style of Sonnet coupled with listening to classical music and sitting across from my beautiful wife, the poem morphed into a love poem in the purest sense.**