Ask the fat guy…

I eat lunch at 11:30 every day with between 5-6 other people. I am the heaviest person. I tend to eat ff cheese stick (occasionally), fresh fruit and veggies, roasted red pepper hummus, drink water and eat whatever leftovers from the night before (rarely a carb). My buddy Mark eats sandwiches on gluten free bread, salad, yogurt and Monster energy drinks. 2-3 Other co-workers eat leftovers as well but also snack on candy. One guy is diabetic but becomes an enabler whenever there is free junk food to eat (ie. Donuts, Nut Tossies, Apple Pie), I hate that he constantly goad’s people into eating crap…He eats a sandwich, chips and coffee every day, the other eats a sandwich with chips, cake, candy and soda. This particular person asked me a healthy eating question which is fine but they prefaced the question as such.

“Matt, you tend to eat the healthiest among us (which is partially true, but being the heaviest person in the room it sure as hell wasn’t from eating healthy) what’s the benefit of sea salt over regular salt ? I had no answer, because I try to eat low sodium but Mark chimed in and said sea salt is low sodium.

Why not just directly ask the question, prefacing it made me feel like she was being sarcastic, even if she wasn’t.