Rap icons: Beastie Boys…

M.C.A. with the bottle, D. rocks the can
Ad-Rock gets nice with Charlie Chan
We’re offered Moet, we don’t mind Chivas
Wherever we go with bring the Monkey with us *

Because I’m back with a bang, boogie, oogie-oogie
Strawberry Letter 23 like Shuggie
Oh my God, just look at me
Grandpa been rappin’ since ’83
I’m supersonic like J.J. Fad
Got crazy-ass shit pullin’ out the bag
Don’t forget the tartar sauce, yo, cause it’s sad
All these crab rappers, they’re rappin’ like crabs**

**Adam Horovitz / Adam Nathaniel Yauch / Michael Louis Diamond / Nasir Jones copyright 2009

My Favorite Pink Floyd song is a deep cut but…

Here is a list of my favorite songs per album in descending order with my favorite song noted as a video.

THE ENDLESS RIVER- sadly not a one…I just couldn’t get into this throw away album noted as the very last, and I am huge fan of keyboardist Richard Wright. But, this album is BORING.



THE FINAL CUT- Another God Awful album, the only song I like is: When the tigers broke free

THE WALL- Hard to choose just one so the following two: Goodbye Blue Sky, The Trial


WISH YOU WERE HERE- Have a Cigar, Shine on you crazy diamond 1-9

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON- Hard to choose just one so the following two: Breathe in the air, Us and them

OBSCURED BY CLOUDS- Obscured by clouds, Mudmen

MEDDLE- One of these days

ATOM HEART MOTHER- Summer of ’68

MORE- The Nile Song, Cymbaline

UMMAGUMMA- Careful with that axe Eugene (live), Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict, Sysyphus parts 1 & 2

A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS- A saucerful of secrets, see saw


and my all time favorite song came off of the soundtrack to the film “More”

just such a beautiful song..

Toxic (Monday)…

My job has suffered a data breach which has affected the entire company but mostly the department I returned to, I was sort of hoping for a paid furlough but my time is needed in the department I left 4 months ago. Sigh. No real choice in the matter, the best hand at office politics wouldn’t be to decline to offer any help. Life chugs along and I produced this track to reflect how I currently feel.

The Return of Johnny Muff Grabber (New Music Bottom of Page)…

The last track to showcase for awhile. In this case I blended three different composed beats of varying BPM to get a widely different feel through out. There is also an isolated vocal track this is in reverse. This song is dedicated to all those lecherous guys on the outer rims of the dance floor that leer at pretty women dancing.

A decade back when I was making music I devised another instrumental called Johnny Muff Grabber (Honestly the way our IIC thinks I should’ve renamed it Donny Muff Grabber) The Title oddly enough is a co-worker’s full name fed into the Anagram Server and this was one of the examples it spat out. Ben will forever be known as JMG.

I added a vocal intro inspired by this poem by YouLittleCharmer.

Give a listen if ya want.

Best Left Unsaid (New Music on the Side Bar)…

So, as I progress with developing music I recently bought a mic to record not just my voice but sample sounds. In this particular case it’s just my voice. Best Left Unsaid is an auditory depiction of a fight on the dance floor. I devised two separate drum tracks and an intro voice track, then mixed all three together for this track. As I continue down this musical path my recordings will become far more elaborate with the occasional goofy track thrown in for good measure ie. Cat Food.

Give a listen if ya want.