A word of warning to my fellow bloggers who have had their posts stolen by blogging hacks & are considering a DMCA Take Down…

Update #3

From Automattic:


I deeply apologize for the mistake in our assessment before.  Your DMCA Notice has been received and reviewed for completeness.

In accordance with the requirements set forth by the DMCA, we have disabled access to the allegedly infringing material. Please note that we have notified the user who uploaded the material to provide them an opportunity to formally challenge this removal. We will notify you if the user submits a counter notice.Regards, 

Automattic Trust & Safety

My Response:

Thank you for your assistance. 

Although the fact that you persist in using the terminology “alledgedly”

Implies that even after I offered a substantial amount of proof, that I am the artist of the piece, there is the possibility of a counter suit from the perpetrator. Is it possible on your end to verify time stamps ? 

When I initially brought this up wordpress help i was lead to taking this course of action in 8 years of blogging I have never taken this course of action until it was reccomended to me by you, yet

It seems this is far more the hassle than its worth.

So thanks again. Going forward i guess i will put a notification of copyright permission on every post and disable pingbacks.

I don’t have the financial means for potential litigation but I have no problem informing other wordpress users of this process.

Update #2

Aparrently it has been removed, even though if i type in the offending address it remains, so obviously the happiness engineers themselves are being duped, because if it was actually removed it wouldn’t open here still: https://vstgroup.art.blog/2022/11/19/kerfuffle-komics-guttersnipe/

although the homepage of vstgroup.art.blog makes it appear as if it no longer exists. So what the hell WordPress ?!

I sent this information along with what I felt was an acusation against me and our correspondence has gone silent.

So for anyone considering a DMCA take down, don’t bother, it’s really NOT worth the hassle.

i also discovered another blog using my co-collaborators post from her site, our first Kerfuffle Komic. I politely asked them to remove it as well, but it falls on deaf ears.

The fact that I have been treated unfairly in all of this makes me not want to persue this matter any further. Three times now I have asked douchebag extraordinaire Chuck Lindholm to kindly remove this post below, and of course I continue to be ignored.

Hack Site#2: TheReluctantPoetweb.wordpress.com

Update # 1

So, the (un) happiness engineers at WordPress suggested I do a DMCA submission of Take Down in regards to this person having taken my work, seemingly as their own.

i sure wasn’t thrilled to get an email from WP parent company Automattic: with the following:

We have received and reviewed your complaint. It looks like you may have copied the post(s) from our blogger’s original site, pasted them into your own, and are now claiming the material as your own.
If you would like to proceed, please confirm that you are the original author of these posts. Remember that you are certifying your copyright complaint under penalty of perjury, and can be subject to a lawsuit if you make misrepresentations in your complaint. We can and have sought to collect damages in these situations.

Really ? Thanks Unfuckinghappiness engineers for accusing me of perjury. I mean, I offered photographic proof of the original comic in my sketchbook as well as links to previous Kerfuffle posts that started in August.

Original Post Below:

Bloggers who borrow your work to showcase on their blog without first asking to do so and not actually writing their own post in regards to the work they are borrowing. I’d say stealing but they were kind enough to add a pingback to my site.

But still, this blogger has a total of three posts on their blog. A logo they designed, a post that appears to be written in Hebrew and my Kerfuffle that I posted today.

They didn’t like my post, they didn’t comment. They just borrowed my comic for reasons unknown.

I no longer allow pingbacks on my blog. I have deleted this users pingback and blocked them. I have also notified WordPress on this heinous activitity but as Chel Owens indicated it’s most likely fruitless on my part.

VSTGROUP.ART.BLOG Joins the ranks of unoriginal blogs who put absolutely no effort into their own blog.