The Sound of Brilliance has PUBLISHED!! — I Write Her (I have three haiku’s published in this first volume)…

Cover by Terry Susi Thank you EVERYONE who went on this journey with me! Both the paperback and eBook are now available on Amazon. If you are interested in getting your copy, please tap the links below to purchase. For those who prefer holding a book – click here to get your Paperback and those […]

The Sound of Brilliance has PUBLISHED!! — I Write Her

I haven’t been in a print publication since the 1990’s…

Edited by Susi Bocks

I wrote three haiku’s called persona way back in February of 2020 for Susi’s I write her Blog Feature, The Short of it found here. Susi was one of the first bloggers I made a connection with when I started this blog in 2018. This will be the first time in decades since I’ve had something published in print. In the 90’s I had a poem in some publication for The National library of poetry, as well as multiple zines (including my own). It is a great honor to be among the talented poets who are included in this first volume. Thanks Kindly, Susi. You Rock 😁💯

Blue Turtle ComiX: NYE 2021

In collaboration with Susi Bocks. Susi was one of the first people on WordPress I really connected with, when I used to do her Haiku/Senyru Challenges. It was a pleasure to collaborate with her on this comic. You can find her here.

Also if ANYONE is interested in collaborating with me on this comic or anything else, hit me up at Coming up in 2021, Blue will be featured a 4 part romance featuring the poetry of Little Charmer who I most recently set her poetry to music, she can be found here.