The Fake Teenager Festival: I was a 21 year old, err “teenage” werewolf…

I was a teenage werewolf (1957)

Tony (Michael Landon) is generally a good kid with a serious anger management problem. Too many fights in school will lead to expulsion unless he undergoes hypnosis to make him lose that chip on his shoulder.

Unfortunately for Tony, he gets stuck with a crazy doctor menacingly played by Whit Bissell, looking to create a Jeckyll & Hyde experience by unearthing the beast of what makes Tony tick.

Now whenever Tony hears a loud noise or is provoked in any way, the beast comes out and that beast is a werewolf.

This film didn’t think to cast one single actor younger than 21. No teens in this film, and honestly a few of them don’t even pass for younger.

The “teens” pictured above ranged in age from 20 to 26, the director of the film is on the bottom.

Despite the cast, this has always been a favorite film of mine. I probably saw it multiple times on Creature Double Feature Channel 48 in the 1970’s.

A highlight of the film was a rockabilly tune sung by 26 year old “teen” Vic (Ken Miller).