Are people really that dumb ?


the same co-worker who asked me a loaded question from “ask a fat guy” usually tries to initiate conversation at lunch but no one ever really chimes in. She’s 61 and a huge fan of Tik Tok, Aliens are real conspiracy theories and general news topics. Yesterday at lunch she was drinking an A-Treat Cream Soda/Cola/Pop and she says “Hum, there are 76 grams of sugar in this bottle” which elicited the following responses: me- Damn, that’s a lot of Sugar. Jerry- That would totally spike my blood sugar. Mark- That’s a lot, Val- Is that two servings ? Cathy- Nope, just 1..but hey at least it’s fat free right ? (finishes it off) Me- (To myself) so you’re just going to keep drinking it ?!?

it’s recommended to eat no more than 25 grams of sugar daily. Not an easy task for a lot of people. Her misconception of that Soda being fat free is pathetic. I would guess that she doesn’t realize that an excess of stored sugars turns into fat on your body. Cathy is far from thin (but not as fat as me) and obviously doesn’t care or cares but doesn’t know how to properly ask for help in understanding or she’s just really dumb.