Word Wednesday: Dream Journal #1…

[first in a sporadic series of dreams I have, that I can remember]

Date: 9/2/22

Last night I dreamt I was about to have lunch with two beautiful women. They didn’t resemble anyone I know in real life. But we were laughing it up, looking at the menu when a waiter comes over to tell me that my Dad wanted to have lunch with me on the second floor dining area of this massive restaurant. I couldn’t pass up the chance to have lunch with my Dad (this was a visitation dream after all. My Dad died in August of 2019.

As I tell the ladies that I need to join my Dad they plead with me to stick around, trying to guilt me into staying. I pull away. I ascend a massive staircase and eventually find my Dad sitting alone in a broken chair that is very close to the floor near a very large round table. I laugh and say “I see you got the broken chair” He says “I can’t stay, but I have a bag of bread for you.” The bread is crusty freshly baked buttered Italian bread. I say “But, I’m here now.” He leaves. As I head towards the stairs, feeling dejected I see my coworker Dan dressed as a mime throwing a raw egg at the ceiling. My cousins Becky, Amy & Rachel are dressed in black & white dresses, telling me that we are celebrating Rachel’s birthday. I say I can’t stick around, when I go back to the table, the ladies have also left me. I consider celebrating my cousins birthday but they are now sitting at a reserved table that I don’t have access to. I then wake up.


Foodie Friday: Dinner & A Movie Edition…

In the last incarnation of my blog I did a feature called food for thought in which it was mostly meals I created. I have decided to continue with a semi regular feature highlighting food made by other people or eaten out or on our travels. Dinner & A Movie Edition is almost every month my wife & I get together with my brother Donnie and his partner Earl for a meal made by any one of us and a movie from my collection of DVDs.

For this inaugural post it features an appetizer of cauliflower chips with a mild chipotle & a pineapple salsa, cheddar & ring bologna, followed by a fresh vegetable garden salad with a Mediterranean dressing made by my brother, a pressure cooker crack chicken (chicken breast, cream cheese, cheddar, bacon, spinach and pasta) made by Earl and a Duncan Hines Yellow cake (made with Greek Yogurt as a substitute for the oil) topped with chocolate pudding fluff (dry pudding mixed with fat free cool whip) made by my wife Jess.

My only contribution was our movie of the evening. My all time favorite Abbott & Costello film Who done it ?