Word Wednesday: Dream Journal #6…

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I find myself naked in a clothing department store. No one seems to care that I am naked. A coworker of mine thinks it would be hilarious to push me. She pushes me and slide on one foot out of the store on a very smooth and greasy floor into a Mall heading for a clearance clothes tree, right before I crash into it, I brake myself with my other foot.

In the real world, I find that I have one leg out of bed on the floor as if I acted out what I had just dreamt. I woke up with a increased heart rate from the fear of the crash.

The only other time I experienced something like this was in my mid twenties. I dreamt that I leapt out of the way of a double decker bus heading towards me. When I woke up, I was on the floor next to my bed with my tv spun half around, as if I had actually leapt out of bed.

W3 Prompt #37/Dream Journal #5…

This weeks prompt had a theme of dreams with a format being no more than 14 lines. Being that the theme is dreams here is a poem about a dream i had last night.


Walking briskly past my alma mater
They, the group of 6 
Walk, pose, glisten in the rays, 
Elongated shadows climb the walls behind me

I fumble for my camera or my phone 
to capture the black & white clothed golden hour sight to behold

They appear to be Amish 
But upon closer inspection 
They are Japenese youth trend setting

He who is perhaps the leader piggy backs a red headed American Girl
They the group of 6 
Lost in the golden rays of the sun, dissapear while entering a cemetary