You’ve got a friend*…

You just call out my name 
And you know, 
wherever I am
 I'll come runnin' 
To see you again 
Winter, spring, summer or fall 
All you have to do is call 
And I'll be there 
You've got a friend* 
Sketched with a Pigma Graphic 2 Archival Ink Pen and colored with Copic, Dual Tip Design, Tombow & Aqua Pen Graphix Watercolor Brush Markers.

*written by Carole King copyright 1971

dog collaboration…

I initially wasn’t happy with the drawing of the dog in the middle, but my wife tends to really like everything I draw, even if I don’t. So I gave her the drawing and she colored it in and came up with the dog show concept. She then asked if I could draw two more dogs. I wasn’t really in the mood, thanks to my hatred of the initial drawing. I relented and sketched the others, that she then colored in as well. I actually really like our collaboration 😁