143 I love you…

Got my 2nd of 6 art to go subscription from DE Contemporary which can be found here.
This was a textile exhibit paired with tea. It came with two sponge brushes, a mini canvas, some acrylic paint, stickers and masking tape. I added the heart/143 stickers. I’m getting the impression this is aimed at a younger crowd but they say they appeal to all skill levels. This 6 month subscription will be the only time do this. The exhibit followed by the tea and supplies followed by my progression to my final product. I am hoping the next four are better than these first two.

Two Sides of The Mirror…

So, thanks to my blogging buddy Claudia McGill for introducing me to The Delaware Contemporary and their ART To Go Subscription service. I decided to go all out and do a 6 month subscription. They send art supplies in a Chinese style take out box and pair it with a current exhibit. This Month it’s Appearances, a group exhibition collaboration with Lauren E. Peters. 5 Artists gave their interpretation of Peters Self Portrait (orange) 2016.

Included in the kit was a mini compact, a green wig, some stickers and acrylic markers to decorate the compact if you so chose and some fake pink mustaches. I decided to take two photos with and without an altered appearance. It’s actually a very cool exercise in creativity. I’ll be honest, whenever I visit museums I like to visit the kids participation room and join in.

Below is from the Exhibit, followed by my creations. 🙂