Blue Turtle ComiX: It happened on the 31st (a collaboration with Kristen Corberserio of “A writers soul blog”)…

It happened on the 31st

Story: Kristen Corberserio               Art: Matt Snyder

Blue stumbled around a bit because the mask he was wearing was hard to see through. He decided to take a shortcut through the cemetery to meet his friend Jerry. Of all the things to be this year, he hadn’t thought being a horse would cause him so much grief. The sun had just set, cast a eerie glow over the street as dusk settled. It was a short walk to where he was going, but in this costume, it felt like miles.
He turned, but couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of him. Odd. His breath quicken. Only a few more minutes and he’d be fine. Shaking his head, he ignored the chill that seemed to be permanently embedded in his spine. Why hadn’t he left a bit earlier?
The wind rustled beneath him, reminding him that his costume was catching leaves. He found himself stumbling and tumbling over a rock. He chuckled, that was the sound he was hearing. Happy Halloween indeed.
His eyes rose, just ahead was the hill where his Halloween adventure would begin.
It was also where he say a dark silhouette, waving at him. With no head.
the 31st023
Fear shot through him, how the hell did the headless figure know his name.
But it was all he needed to turn and run back in the other direction. Adrenaline kicked in and blue stumbled kicking up the leaves and stripping himself of the hindrance of the horse head mask as he scampered away.
The headless figure stopped waving, and though he was confused, The figure reached up, removing the bulk that was resting upon his shoulders and stated “But Blue, we said we were doing a themed costume this year !!” The dark of the night had made Blue forget that he and Jerry had planned to be the Headless Horseman and his horse.
the 31st024
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