Thanksgiving (a testament of strength)…

Black & White Photo composed & shot by Digital QA/Scan/LVA-WWII Project Lead* Bailey Harper. Bailey told me this is a photo of her sister who was the glue that held the family together during their first Thanksgiving without their Father.

What an amazing photo/story.

*I was offered this position by the Project Manager when I scanned the sample for the client. I am currently the only person scanning it/although Bailey does help now and again. I turned it down because the QA area is populated with 2 of 5 Project Co-ordinators whose maturity level leads to a very toxic enviroment and 1 Assistant Manager, 4 Project Managers and 1 department head. Way too much management to heighten my anxiety. Where as on the other side of the building in scanning we have 5 scan techs and 1 digital camera troubleshooter tech…NO MANAGMENT.