Review: A Night at the Sorrento and other stories by Henry Chamberlain…

A Night at the Sorrento and other stories by Henry Chamberlain is quite disjointed. While I really loved the mini comic collected almost non fiction like story Alice in New York, the 24 hour challenge short stories that precede basically fall flat in execution.

Henry has inspired line work for sure, this book reminded me of a lot of indie comics I loved in the 90’s from Los Bros Hernandez and Peter Bagge to name two.

But drawing 24 drawings every hour for 24 hours is bound to be a disaster at some point. And that’s how these shorts read to me. But as soon as I got to the story that felt most like a conventional comic, the astoundingly good Alice in New York, I longed to read more of the fictional Henry’s adventures.

This story really resonated with me. About an artist seeking his purpose within an adventure while in NYC. If Chamberlain makes more books in this vein I will be a forever fan. This book is worth checking out solely for the last story.

Henry can be found blogging reviews of other comic industry artists at Comics Grinder.

His work can be purchased here.