Horrific Nursery Rhymes: Happy Mother’s Day…

**Dedicated in loving memory to my Mom, Shirley Mae Snyder. Mom loved Horror Films, and probably would have seen a film like this with me if she was still here today. Thanks for the memories Mom. Still ❤️ You**

Mary was on the lam
she committed a heinous crime
everywhere she went
paranoia was close behind

Mary hated her Mother
she thought she was a bitch
she considered a quiet smother
instead bashed her head in with a stick

Mary had no regrets
She did it with great glee
But now the police are after her
So, Mary must now flee

Mary found a shack
down in Saugerties
she hid there for a week
without food or water
she was feeling rather weak

Harry was hungry
and homeless all the same
till Harry came upon this shack
his hunger went away
see Harry wasn't right
normal food didn't satiate
Harry was a cannibal
and Mary was his steak

Harry thought of Mom
on this here Mother's Day
how Mom had turned him to
the man he is today
that day she blew her face off
and left Harry a loving note

Dear Harry
my love 
you won't starve
just gnaw on my headless corpse
one day you'll grow big
and always think of me
me, your loving Mother
signed lovingly


Michener Museum Celebrates Keith Haring..

My wife and I visited the Michener Museum in Doylestown, PA. Specifically for the Keith Haring exhibit. Haring is my favorite artist of all time.

Two pieces in the Museum not Related to Haring but favorites all the same.

  • 1. The story of red blue and a photo of me standing within the exhibit
  • 2. Admiring the artist
  • 3. A room and furniture and a naked artist become a 3d canvas
  • 4. Free South Africa triptych
  • 5. Crack Down poster (Anti Drug Campaign)
  • 6. Original Lithograph and its print of a flying red man with an x on his chest
  • 7. Apocalyptic Series with accompanying poetry by William Burroughs
  • 8. Keith Haring Coloring Book and Assorted Stickers
  • 9. A page colored by me on the left with crayons and my wife on the right with colored pencils.
  • 10. Keith Haring Journals (a memoir, that my wife bought. Haring was born in Reading and Raised in Kutztown and died at 31 in 1990 of AIDS.
  • CUSTOM POKE BOWL(sushi rice, grilled salmon, crabmeat salad, avocado, sweet corn, mango, green pepper, red onion, yellow pickle,carrots, spicy mayo, Wasabi peas, sesame seeds and crispy onions),AND COCONUT BUBBLE TEA LUNCH AT ALOHA IN QUAKERTOWN

Short Story Saturday: Bad Cops, Good Cop/A Conversation with Keith “The Midnight Express” Morton…


Bad Cops, Good Cop

A Zimbabwean man has a run in with the law. I have collaborated with B and even guest wrote a food review on his blog. Check B at https://becomingthemuse.net/

By Beaton Mabaso

Copyright 2021

A Conversation with Keith “The Midnight Express” Morton

Is a conversation I had with my downstairs neighbor Keith Morton, who is by far the only train enthusiast in my life at the moment. Keith recently retired and trains have always been a part of his life, the dude has more model trains than furniture in his apartment.

Copyright 2022

The Terrible Poetry Contest (SONNET LXVI BY PABLO NERUDA)…

This week’s Contest was to take a famous poem by a famous poet and the first line from that poem & the rest by yours truly. I chose SONNET LXVI by Pablo Neruda. I decided to record the Spanish version. I will be submitting the English version.

Sonnet LXVI

I do not love you except because I love you
because if I love you, then I love that I love you ?
Because love is what is considered
the opposite of hate & I'd hate to deeply hate you with the hatred of hate that you can only find within what is deemed love!
The love of hate of the hate that I love is my soul desire,such a fool for love & hate.
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