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A Cornered Gurl


6.30.22, a memorable day
for decades to come
as history was fine-tuned
when it added you

can justice be revived
will we see it have
lasting breaths breathed
into it

representation still needs
our focus, but it feels
right to watch you
don the robes of
the highest court in
our system

it feels right to
witness a woman
of your stature finally
receive her flowers while
she’s still living

it is “right as rain”
and cleansing waters
rush over me–elation
is an understatement

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Short Story Saturday Early Edition: Yeshiva Girl, a novel: Chapter 23- The Little Rabbi & Friends/Ramblings of a Fragile Mind: a Case study by Dr. Henry Batiste…


Yeshiva Girl, a novel: Chapter 23- The Little Rabbi & Friends Yeshiva Girl, a novel: Chapter 23- The Little Rabbi & Friends

By Rachel Mankowitz

Copyright 2018

Ramblings of a Fragile Mind a Case study by Dr. Henry Batiste

By Little Charmer & Matt Snyder

Copyright 2019-2022

Back to Summer Theater…

What a funny… poignant…hip shaking good time at the inaugural show at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival (yeah I know it ain’t a play by William but my wife and I have seen some damn good shows at this festival, at the end of the month we are seeing Tony Todd in August Wilson’s Fences)

Be Prepared…

I don’t often do reviews but I will say this Memoir graphic novel is quite riveting. I never went to camp as a kid but this makes me glad I also never went to American-Russian Camp. There is quite a bit of sadness to this tale about being yourself & trying to fit in. It’s a book I had a hard time putting down each night. I can’t recommend this enough! ****

This is why I am an unaffiliated voter…

President Joe Biden strikes a deal with Mitch McConnell to put another judge from the extreme right to fill an empty slot on the Supreme Court.

Why ? Because this move apparently will bring together the country further, ya know Midterm Elections and what not. Joe has been trusting Mitch since the Obama days. Because he is the one Republican he knows he can make a deal with. McConnell a politician most sensible voters know was far more underhanded than the previous President. McConnell more so ran the country from 2016-2020.

If anything this move Joe feels he will win over the votes from Republicans ? Especially from the far right ?

I don’t know, our country is so polarized these days that no matter what anyone does in office, someone is bound to not be happy.

Strike a match, get burned.

You can protest, but what does that get you ? Satisfaction because you have the right to protest ?

You could vote, because you have the right to.

Will any politician out there ever truly please everybody? Not in my lifetime.

Democrat from 18-32 to please my parents

Independent from 32-46 but would switch to Democrat Party to vote in Primary.

46-Present Unaffiliated because I woke up to realize it really doesn’t matter to care enough, because the only people our government serves is themselves.

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