Vans Custom Designed shoes and a custom face mask from Vista print…

Happy to say after a bit of time convincing VANS that this artwork indeed belonged to me, can I help it if my signature is just an M, I was able to add both these images onto a pair of slip on’s and laced sneakers. I also managed to make a presale for a friend for the cat on the left slip on’s for $180. The frightened cat design on the right will be on a custom made face mask. 😁

I am the thorn of flowers in your mouth*…

I am the thorn of flowers in your mouth

I am the rusty nail thrust through your heart

I am the wicked laugh that tames your hide


*thank you LUCY for such a strong line of inspiration

What’s Old is New Again (a sonnet)…

Three years away, my interest returns
That which I sought, I had to look within
Had I not left, I would have crashed and burned
My head is at fault, much to my chagrin

I went backwards, Father. You had me pegged.
People truly are, alike all over
Given a second chance: I grovelled, begged
Cobweb's cleared in the month of October

This journey I partake, all about growth
Life is about gains, down a bumpy trail
Opened eyes to a different approach
Today, going forward, I shall prevail

Pride and Ethics, shall go, hand in hand
twenty-one to finally understand

10 Years Together (A Snapshot Sunday Bonus)…

Our wonderful weekend at The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle State Park in Howard Pennsylvania. Celebrating 10 years as a couple.