Strange Dreams Dept. #1…

{Yesterday before bed my wife and I first watched a season one episode of The Waltons in which a German Jewish family has fled Germany to start a new life on Waltons mountain. After that, we watched the slightly boring not scary at all, Woke revision of Candyman. }

When I awoke I remembered my dream. My wife and I were in a parking lot heading towards what appeared to be a Cello balancing on a folding chair. A former co-worker appears behind it and I surmise it must be Liz’s. Liz disappears as we approach and behind the Cello is a two-story open space with various people sitting at tables near red phones & signs that say Join The Communist Party.

Each table is littered with food and periodicals. I see both a lesbian couple and an older couple I became friends with from the last church we attended. My wife says she is not interested and steps away. I decide to go upstairs to engage in discussion with Moe, Colleen, Rick & Marcy. Rick asks why I am interested. I say “I am curious. I know nothing of the Communist Party but have had it shoved down my throat since the Reagan years.” All 4 friends look at me and say “Death to Capitalism.”

I saunter off and reconnect with my wife and we are standing in a carnival setting and sharing a bag of blue cotton candy.

Short Story Saturday: Mortality Rates/PIGS…

Mortality Rates

A man ponders mortality.

Written by Geoff Stamper copyright 2021

Original print version can be found at Suicide Squeeze


A  man  reminisces about his experiences with police, growing up in the city. 

By  Matt Snyder copyright  2021

A piece of the past…

Over 20 years ago I was doing photo recreations with family. This is one of those photos I’d love to gather my brother and three cousins to recreate. This is from sometime in the 70’s on the back stoop at the house I grew up in. The only person in the photo who seemed to want her picture taken was my cousin Rachel (same age as me), I on the other hand look incredibly uncomfortable with my hands in my pockets. I should try to find the recreation photos I took. I have been thinking about film photography and decided to plunk down some cash on a new Polaroid Instant Plus (actually has a feature to do double exposure). I look forward to taking some very creative photos with that camera.

Back: Cousins Becky Killian Alomran & Amy Killian Black, my brother Donnie. Front: Shy me and my cousin Rachel Killian.

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