The Life & Times of 30 Something Dana Myttis Hedrew (Anticipating Bardot)…

Performing a reading of my play Anticipating Bardot in 2006 at The Metropolitan Church of the Lehigh Valley Coffee Cafe with Rafael, Raphel & Dolores.

Dear Diary: Dana Here.

Well, that play I wrote in a college sociology class is finally seeing the light of day. I am quite excited to present a staged reading of Anticipating Bardot. I initially had planned to direct a full on performance of it at The Theater Outlet in Allentown but my weekend of auditions were a total failure. Almost no one came out. I really wanted this to be something huge. I had planned to do it as a benefit for The American Cancer foundation, even printed up tee shirts to give away but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

But, flash forward a few years and here we are. I couldn’t be happier. Granted 1/2 the cast can actually act the other half only thinks they can (That would be me and my old HS chum Dolores), both Rafael & Raphel have acting experience

and I must say the small crowd here at this LGBT Church has been quite receptive. Anticipating Bardot is a farcical reworking of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. Instead of two clowns philosophizing about God we have two drag queens hoping at some point to meet Bridget Bardot and find themselves in very similar situations as the clowns but it also touches on a bit of philosophy and persecution for being different, sprinkled with lot’s of humor as well. Not a benefit performance exactly but we did do it for free.

Till Again Diary, Dana

<authors note: Sadly there is no physical copy of the script to be found. There might quite possibly be a digital copy of it saved to a CD that I currently have no way of accessing. Perhaps it should be re-written>

New Track on the sidebar today (Your Coconuts Suck)…

Your coconuts suck has a very vintage feel to it, utilizing 1930’s style instrumentation and samples with a soothing vibe and a slice of lame humor at the end courtesy of yours truly. Unlike the last two tracks that I have removed that were very raw, this song utilizes the mixer. It’s been quite a while since I have made any music, so that’s why I changed the player to say “Quirky Music”.

If you like experimental loop based music with a hint of humor and the occasional poetry slam, you’ll dig what I will be offering in the coming months.

Matt The 27th Angel Snyder

Music on right side bar…

Take Note, there will be samples of electronic music i am editing now and again on the right side of my page there is a media player that will slowly grow into multiple tracks. From 2003-2007 I made music as a means of therapeutic creative output. I’ve decided to try my hand at that again. Future pieces will contain more samples of either music or other kinds of sounds made into music. There are two tracks loaded for now under The 27th Angel. If perchance you are interested give a listen. 🙂