Pop Culture Paintings Done For Family & Friends…

The Walking Dead: Mixed Media & Acrylic on Canvas

Sons of Anarchy: Acrylic on Canvas

Lone Wolf & Cub: Mixed Media 2D Construction shot on location at Illicks Mill Park, Bethlehem Pa.

Happy Accidents

Based on an abstract painting I saw in the waiting room of a recent Dr’s visit with which it could’ve been flowers in a jar. Or in this case colorful balloons flying out of the moon roof of a lighthouse towards the sun lit day or it was the day someone forgot to wear a condom on purpose.



The Pain Train

all aboard the PAIN train

bellowing through the town of EVERYWHERE

careening curves at various intervals

Deranged Conductor

Expressing the stops


Going towards


Inching and

Jettisoning towards


Locomotion heading towards

Muscles in the arms

Never-ending rails ?

Oh my god getting old sucks

Please let me get off this damn train !


relaxation at times FUTILE

STAGNATION is the new normal

takes time to heal

understandably so


when do I reach UTOPIA ?

X marks the spot for the last stop of this crazy train of pain

Yowza !!!

Zap it all away….