Ask the fat guy…


I eat lunch at 11:30 every day with between 5-6 other people. I am the heaviest person. I tend to eat ff cheese stick (occasionally), fresh fruit and veggies, roasted red pepper hummus, drink water and eat whatever leftovers from the night before (rarely a carb). My buddy Mark eats sandwiches on gluten free bread, salad, yogurt and Monster energy drinks. 2-3 Other co-workers eat leftovers as well but also snack on candy. One guy is diabetic but becomes an enabler whenever there is free junk food to eat (ie. Donuts, Nut Tossies, Apple Pie), I hate that he constantly goad’s people into eating crap…He eats a sandwich, chips and coffee every day, the other eats a sandwich with chips, cake, candy and soda. This particular person asked me a healthy eating question which is fine but they prefaced the question as such.

“Matt, you tend to eat the healthiest among us (which is partially true, but being the heaviest person in the room it sure as hell wasn’t from eating healthy) what’s the benefit of sea salt over regular salt ? I had no answer, because I try to eat low sodium but Mark chimed in and said sea salt is low sodium.

Why not just directly ask the question, prefacing it made me feel like she was being sarcastic, even if she wasn’t.

A triumphant return to seeing live theater…

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It was an incredible one man show of an hour and forty five.

Being Accountable (Back on the road to wellness)…

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I have worked out in some fashion for the last 26 years, when the Pandemic happened and there were multiple restrictions at the gym I was going to, I quit. I now realize that my major weight loss was probably connected to getting Covid. November rolled around and I started not caring about myself physically and ate the pounds lost back on to my body. I did try home resistance band work outs, work out apps and punching the bag (this is better as a stress reliever from a terrible day at work). But I really missed the variety of the gym, and because it’s a gym related to a hospital there are more older people and people that seem to be serious about working out over socializing.

So July 10 2021 I start fresh. Here is to healthier days.

Open Call to Authors…


Still looking to showcase writers of short stories and serials, fiction, non fiction, comedy, horror, crime, drama, coming of age, sex, LGBTQI, sci-fi…Essentially anything to be read and/or dramatized for my Podcast. Send your stories with a bio and any links to

Short Story Saturday: Brother’s Campfire Presents: Northwich an ongoing tale continues…


Today marks the first day that I’ve decided to combine of few of BC’s short chapters to make for a more engaging listen. I am really digging getting into this story and I hope y’all are too.–Food-and-Arrogance-e13hcp9

Tomorrow is just another day…


people say we celebrate our freedom

our Independence

New Found Americans (English Ex Pats) started the Revolutionary war

An uprising against English Rule

Slavery wasn’t abolished for another 89 years after July 4, 1776

And today for whatever reason, freedom and independence is sadly not felt by all AMERICANS from the States

I say from the states because America also consists of Central and South, true Americans know this. The ignorant mass will say otherwise. Not to mention, the true North American continues to be segregated to this day to the point of near extinction.

So exactly what freedom and Independence are we celebrating ? The Rich Rule over the Poor, The White over every other shade that isn’t white (which is funny in color terms, because white is the absence of color, it’s technically not a color).

American English Only ? Why ? Isn’t North America supposed to be the great melting pot rich with many nations, cultures and religions yet to this day there continues to be a Tsunami of HATRED !

As a kid the 4th was always that day in the Summer when I got to see and hear the awesome light show in the sky.
As an adult that tradition continued and of course, even better, it was another day off from the job.

But now after some re-education and reflection, the 4th is just another over hyped day off for parties, picnics, drinking and fireworks.

i swear Wednesday is my new Monday…

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Swill, garbage sewage plant

those words that you speak in

hush tones

makes me want to break your God Damn bones

Jarring ringing loud and

Clear fucking hypocrites not far but

NEARly over thanks for the anguish

from my head to my heart

pours like the blood I gouge from your orifices

with murderous Glee from finish to start

Four burnt to a crisp

heinous metamorphosis

That hatred has never left

a crescendo a sigh

I’m home now

meditation sounds right

or punch the bag to

let off steam

Nigel’s purr boosts my self esteem

The Amused Poetry Contest (Eccentricity)…

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I haven’t done one of these in a real long while. So this my entry for the Amused Poetry contest which can be found here.


Hi twiddily Dee hi twiddily Doe
I prance about and give it a go
Wearing nothing but
a well placed sock down below
my backside and top bits bask
about in a moonlit glow

hi diddle Dee hi diddle Dee do
with top hat and monocle
and a touch of class
How dare you speak of my big fat
ask me now I say to thee
I am but a man full of dignity
of Grace of flair
who cares if my sock is my frontal

A middle e and a middle o
like a great cat’s meow
I must go
but not first without
leaving you with a taste of my riches
I remove my sock
to reveal my delicious
solid gold coc….
Sorry gotta keep
the end PG
for the poetry Mrs 😉