Days those of one…

poetry, words

Up wake you when day a have ever ?

It fuck

saying like feel, just !

Monday my was

that planned things

other had cat

damn my but

in sleeping like

felt suppose I hot too

food sweating

up woke sleep much not

stomach my on

apparently food Indian does so,

know ya that does depression

away day my YouTubed

At least I have Tuesday to look drawrof to 😁

the corn cob contest (a Rime Couee style poem)…

poetry, words

Yeah, back in 2009 I actually won a spicy corn cob eating contest at a local arts fair. It was the second and final time of my competitive eating days (prior in 2005 I tried a hot dog with bun and ate 2.5 in five minutes, the winner ate 35!)

I over ate and stuffed my face.
Said the man who came in first place.
Twelves cobs of corn inside.
Managed to keep it down.
The others had faces of frowns.
Later, in for a bumpy ride!

my least favorite word…

poetry, words

For me it would be
copacectic a word that
is far from poetic
Said too many times
to make it’s speaker look
smart, whereas to me
their overuse makes
them look like an ignorant
old fart

Dedicated to a coworker whose initials, believe it or not, are TLC, that for which she is not. She will forever be remembered as that one person who drove my wife to a suicide attempt. That day things were far from copacetic.

i swear Wednesday is my new Monday…

poetry, words

Swill, garbage sewage plant

those words that you speak in

hush tones

makes me want to break your God Damn bones

Jarring ringing loud and

Clear fucking hypocrites not far but

NEARly over thanks for the anguish

from my head to my heart

pours like the blood I gouge from your orifices

with murderous Glee from finish to start

Four burnt to a crisp

heinous metamorphosis

That hatred has never left

a crescendo a sigh

I’m home now

meditation sounds right

or punch the bag to

let off steam

Nigel’s purr boosts my self esteem

The Amused Poetry Contest (Eccentricity)…

poetry, words

I haven’t done one of these in a real long while. So this my entry for the Amused Poetry contest which can be found here.


Hi twiddily Dee hi twiddily Doe
I prance about and give it a go
Wearing nothing but
a well placed sock down below
my backside and top bits bask
about in a moonlit glow

hi diddle Dee hi diddle Dee do
with top hat and monocle
and a touch of class
How dare you speak of my big fat
ask me now I say to thee
I am but a man full of dignity
of Grace of flair
who cares if my sock is my frontal

A middle e and a middle o
like a great cat’s meow
I must go
but not first without
leaving you with a taste of my riches
I remove my sock
to reveal my delicious
solid gold coc….
Sorry gotta keep
the end PG
for the poetry Mrs 😉

OMG Enough…

Art, Photography, poetry, words

I’m not a woman I’m sick of this.
How much more must I endure ?
will the magic number be 34 ?
my guess is more, more and more !
Do I carry myself softly ?
Yes I do, but the anger grows each day.
I no longer care to be nice when the ignorant have their say.
Perhaps genetically it’s low testosterone ?
After some research I see I’m not alone.
In this age of Trans-prevalance the hurdles feel harder.
I just wish people would wake up, and be a little smarter…

My Rose…

poetry, words

I love her mind body soul.
Love her life, admired like minded.
Her life admired, a rose basking.
Mind admired, a humanity is within.
Body like rose, is so glorious.
Soul minded, basking, within glorious God

**this is a square matrix style poem created by Lewis Carroll. It is the same by both column and row, six words to form a square. My square is slightly off because of the inclusion of commas. This style of poetry is incredibly challenging and complex to get everything to be coherent. Technically you can use any amount of words the more words used the more complex**

two word version ie.
Love God.
God above.

photo credit to Engin Akyurt via pexels


poetry, words


consumes me

I am drowning

for every step forward

I take one hundred back

these walls are not my own

at a steady pace they crush me

baby steps man, baby steps…Not a quitter

I fight back, I push back, I break free…

Might be foggy on the outside, the inside bright light