I shall be released (My Atonement)…

I seek the light up above

For over 25 years I’ve had this recurring dream of being dragged to hell by demons. Being that dreams aren’t always literal it could mean that I have been wrestling with my own mental demons that plague my mind at times with a profound measure of guilt from destructive behavior I wish to keep to between myself and God.

I am not the most religious person yet I am a seeker. I have a deep & close friendship with a Pastor who follows my blog under the nom de plume Becketts Daughter. I am quite fond of our friendship. I prefer to not tithe nor worship per se. But I enjoy sermons. So even though I am a non conventional parishioner, I’ve never been turned away in how I choose to worship God.

My spiritual path has been quite extensive in self discovery. I’ve gone from growing up Presbyterian, attending Catholic, Bahai, Lutheran and non denominational services. I was a member for a few years as an Episcopalian. I studied the Muslim, American Indian & Judaic Faiths (Even considered converting for a woman I was dating), I’ve delved in Darwinism (which I guess could be atheist), Wicca & New Age Crystal Spirituality.

I have found it to be quite fascinating to have followers on WordPress that are significantly more religious than myself but I also feel that they are here for a reason. I have nothing but the utmost respect to however anyone chooses to live. I haven’t been actively worshiping for a few years now but this morning I attended an MCCLV service with my wife. The Metropolitan Community Church is a welcome beacon of hope for those of us in the LGBTQI community but their door is also open to ANYONE. There is no Gay agenda at this church, the only agenda is that of a loving welcoming God and an even more welcoming group of worshipers.

The sermon of the morning was that of ephphatha, it couldn’t be more appropriate a story for a much needed spiritual cleanse.

This is me. I don’t worship God, I don’t actively read the bible, I don’t offer monetary support. But, I do feel connected. The light is always there to bring me out of my darkest days. I have nothing but love and respect to the Lord above.

Cat Vs. Man/Cat Wins…

He who is on my shit list


No sleep ! 😡🤬😤🥱😴

Our God damn cat

Relentless meowing

Hope I don’t fall asleep at work

Bad cat

Bad cat

Prefers blank walls

Despite my wife’s efforts

To make our home a gallery

Scratch that


Scratch that

Wall must be blank

This is my house not theirs

The house ruled with an iron paw

Meow meow

Meow meow

Mischief maker

Sleeping during the day

My humans are my daily prey

Ha ha

Ha ha

I laugh with glee

Night after night we play

My human Matt in misery

No sleep! 😸😾

Food for thought: Another breakfast of champions*…

*need to get out of self deprecation mode. I started taking note of calories and serving sizes while simultaneously make an effort to stop polluting my body with garbage food and lost three pounds 😁

Yes, I drink half the water in that jug for breakfast and dinner, oatmeal with skim milk and banana, 3 eggs with scallion, teaspoon of minced garlic, arrugula, adobo, black pepper, with a side of two homemade sweet potato cakes (pureed with panko bread crumbs),