Food for thought: When your meal looks better than it tastes…

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A yummy salad, yummy garlic buns (not pictured), yummy penne pasta in vodka sauce that my wife had and a seafood combo cooked to perfection sitting on top of fettuccine (even though I ordered penne) in what was supposed to be a light white wine butter sauce (I’d say it was closer to bland dish water, or the water they boiled the seafood in. I never EVER add salt and pepper to a meal out, and even that didn’t help, bleech) at Mama Nina’s on Main St Bethlehem, normally really good. People watching on a bench in town.

A triumphant return to seeing live theater…

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It was an incredible one man show of an hour and forty five.

Being Accountable (Back on the road to wellness)…

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I have worked out in some fashion for the last 26 years, when the Pandemic happened and there were multiple restrictions at the gym I was going to, I quit. I now realize that my major weight loss was probably connected to getting Covid. November rolled around and I started not caring about myself physically and ate the pounds lost back on to my body. I did try home resistance band work outs, work out apps and punching the bag (this is better as a stress reliever from a terrible day at work). But I really missed the variety of the gym, and because it’s a gym related to a hospital there are more older people and people that seem to be serious about working out over socializing.

So July 10 2021 I start fresh. Here is to healthier days.

A very cool walk in the park…


Our 5th of July Trip to the Grounds for Sculpture in the suburbs of Trenton, New Jersey.

Food for thought: My buddy Mark celebrates almost turning 50 (that happens Tuesday) and the Summer of Soul…

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So, Mark asked people to make a side to go with the sandwiches/wraps that was ordered so I made a version of pasta salad. Pasta with cherry tomatoes, pickled vegetables, summer sausage, sharp cheddar, black and green olives and creamy Italian dressing.

Food for Thought: My brother’s 56th…

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Definitely an odd meal…My bro requested I make decadent appetizers so I made Spicy Dijon/Mayo and Smoked Paprika Eggs with Sweet Labanon Bologna Rollups filled with chopped sun-dried tomatoes and onion and chive cream cheese. He also requested two bottles of wine. For dinner we had lame Latin fusion food delivered from this joint called Rice and Beans. A step above taco bell but nothing to praise that’s for sure, followed by a moist yellow cake made with Greek yogurt instead of butter and butterscotch fluff icing with sprinkles made by my wife.

It was a good evening ending on watching one of my childhood favorite vampire flicks. My brother-in-law thought the film was hilarious, normally I have issues when people make fun of flicks but hey the four of us had a great evening that’s all that counts. This was the first time in quite a few decades that we celebrated my brother’s birthday.