I don’t normally reblog but ARCHIVE 546 – RED STRING IN THE MORNING (MONO + COLOUR) by FATman Photos is incredible…

. Tadham Moor, looking east on a summer’s morning; 27 Aug 2014. LOL! >>> I still remember when first posting this, that it was pointed out that its not string at all, it is in fact baler twine >>> but the title still appeals, so I’m going to stand corrected, retain the post’s original […]



My Parents Christmas 1964. 6 years before I was born.

Be Glad You Are Gone

Not The World You Remember

I So Miss You Both

**In Loving Memory of My Dad Donald L Snyder 1936-2019 & My Mom Shirley M. Snyder 1941-2002**

Something Old Sunday #41 (Our East Coast Travels)…

Franz Jozef Ponstingl and other amazing artist’s; thirty minutes of inspiration at The James Michener Museum in Doylestown, Pa…

Oh my God, the one thing I have missed the most during the pandemic aside from seeing live theater is actually setting foot in a museum and looking at artwork up close and personal. This weekend The James Michener Museum in Doylestown finally reopened to the public. Granted we had to wear masks, but better to wear a mask in an air conditioned building over an oppressively hot heat wave outside.

Paid for a two hour block, but this museum isn’t very big for one nor do my wife and I read in depth about the works, we are both more fond of studying the work itself. The only thing I tend to absorb in a description is what technique the artist used. We finished our tour in thirty minutes, both completely satisfied and enough to whisk me away from the dark clouds resting in my soul.

Below are some photos my wife and I snapped on her phone.