Michener Museum Celebrates Keith Haring..

My wife and I visited the Michener Museum in Doylestown, PA. Specifically for the Keith Haring exhibit. Haring is my favorite artist of all time. Two pieces in the Museum not Related to Haring but favorites all the same. 1. The story of red blue and a photo of me standing within the exhibit 2.Continue reading “Michener Museum Celebrates Keith Haring..”

Food For Thought Special: Our Sweet Lil’ Spring Overnight Vacation…

Zoo America Hershey, Pa A smidgen of animals viewed at Zoo America. The birds were hid away because of an outbreak of the bird flu and the entire Zoo was swamped with ugly black vultures invading the animals space. Definitely not an impressive Zoo to visit. Hershey Chocolate Town Trying two candy bars we neverContinue reading “Food For Thought Special: Our Sweet Lil’ Spring Overnight Vacation…”