Black & White pencil drawing

Showcasing another piece of art by a coworker of mine who works in the digital preparation department. He preps newspapers to be scanned for our multimillion dollar client, The Library of Congress. Patrick originally did prep for LOC for the Microfilm Department.

In A Meditative Pose: Digital Manipulation Process from start to finish…

This is the gradual transformation of this piece of digital art

It started out as a digital photo of myself at lunch at my job.

I then brought that photo in my mirror lab app and came up with this design

I then brought this into my Snapseed app and played around with lighting and color settings turning it into this

Taking this back to the Mirror Lab App, tweaking and bringing it between both Apps as such

I then brought this into Snapseed and utilized the double exposure setting and combined this with a previous design to come up with this

Bringing it into the Mirror Lab one last time using the fractal/portal setting and finishing it off with text in Snapseed. I called the piece as such, because it looks like a heavy set person meditating.


It’s time to highlight another piece of art from a fellow digital imaging technician at my job which has been showcasing the artistic talents of most of the people I work with at Backstage Library Works.

I didn’t get a chance to ask Jeannise Rodriguez extactly what form of textile art this is, but it’s definitely way cool.

Jeannise has been with the company since 2004 originally working as a Microfilmer for the previous company OCLC, it wasn’t long after Backstage took over that she moved over to digital.

Out of the various people I have showcased for this series, and those I did for my previous blog, surprisingly no one in digital has really done digiral art.