Rap icons: Cypress Hill…

We way too hot
Always comin up with something clever
A costa lostra
Cypress hill maca fera
Feelin’ fancy in the hip throne, guayabera
And we just clowning
On what we call some, money-lera
Call me Sammy
Wild child from the isles
I can go forever like an old fashioned country mouse
Stilo be guajiro
Latino is the lingo
I’m straight cuban-ichi
I bang Pina del Rio
Lockin’ up this function
Just like Benny More
Go ahead and play the congas
And I’m gonna rap over it
Ya I’m a fool I’m outta here
Yes sir I gotta go
Get me some Chiva’s Regal
And slap me some dominos

Ay Caribe tierra de mi gente hermosa
(Armada Latina)
Cielo Sol, me acompanan donde quiera
Hermanito la lucha recien empieza
(Es mala por la gana)
Yo naci con sangre taina, yo naci *

*Marc Anthony / Armonda Christian Perez / James Scheffer / Stephen Stills / Louis Freese / Senen Reyes / Armando Christian Perez Copyright 2010

Rap icons: Beastie Boys…

M.C.A. with the bottle, D. rocks the can
Ad-Rock gets nice with Charlie Chan
We’re offered Moet, we don’t mind Chivas
Wherever we go with bring the Monkey with us *

Because I’m back with a bang, boogie, oogie-oogie
Strawberry Letter 23 like Shuggie
Oh my God, just look at me
Grandpa been rappin’ since ’83
I’m supersonic like J.J. Fad
Got crazy-ass shit pullin’ out the bag
Don’t forget the tartar sauce, yo, cause it’s sad
All these crab rappers, they’re rappin’ like crabs**

**Adam Horovitz / Adam Nathaniel Yauch / Michael Louis Diamond / Nasir Jones copyright 2009

Our arts venture out..

My wife and took in some art done by resident artists at the Banana Factory in South Bethlehem

We then hit up ice cream of course, across the street from The Charter High School of Arts at this joint called Dinkys. It’s a throw back to a 1950’s style parlor. My wife and I both tried the cappuccino blast… essentially caramel ice cream with a touch of freezer burn. Not that impressive. I took a photo of this Keith Haring planter at the crosswalk.

Then we walked a block North to the South Side Greenway, but it appears the community art won’t be along the path till the weekend we are out of town.

Although my Noir Drawing is currently on a video rotation at the Lehigh University Art Gallery at the Zoellner Performing Arts Center. Here it is with a few of my favorites from the participating community artists.