Food For Thought: Breakfast- Eggs, Tomatoes & Low Fat Cottage Cheese with Blackberries & Pecans…


Over hard Eggs with Spanish Lemon Pepper Seasoning & Partially Dry Basil with a side of Grape Tomatoes with Olive Oil & Middle Eastern Zataar Seasoning. Low Fat Cottage Cheese with Blackberries & Pecans.

Food for thought: Roast Turkey Grilled Cheese Sammy…


Turkey Breast seasoned with Greek Dressing and roasted with canned. Spray buttered Adobo seasoned Asparagus at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Bread with lite Mayo on both sides with provolone cheese grilled in a pan than slathered with lite mayo mixed with cranberry relish and the sliced turkey breast in between.

Food For Thought: The Matt Burger…

  • Cleaned & Diced portabello mushroom, diced vidalia onion sauteed in balsamic.
  • Bison burger cooked with sliced thin cheddar
  • Put burger on whole wheat bun with Ketchup, mushrooms & onions and top with arugula
  • Serve with a side of steamed butternut squash spirals. Enjoy 🙂


Food For Thought: Beans on Toast

The English eat odd things at times, but I’m sure they think the same of Americans LOL. I’ve heard about Beans on Toast on various shows on BBC Radio and through Fellow Blogger Jo posting such. I just had to give it a try. Granted I used a lower sodium/lower sugar version of beans on wheat toast with some light butter and a side of strawberries & fresh Cauliflower with a 64 Ounce Bottle of water.


Food For Thought: Sauteed Chicken with Lemon-Caper Sauce…

Tried something new. I don’t usually follow recipes but my wife rejoined WW and this was one of theirs. Pretty damn good. Chicken Thighs lightly coated with black pepper seasoned flour, cooked in an olive oil coated cast iron skillet with lemon juice, capers, low sodium chicken broth and topped with parsley. We also had a butter lettuce & cherry tomato salad.