Celebrating my wife’s 39th…

the front of the card I made her
the inside of the card
The frosted vanilla cake with m&m’s she made for her boss and clients, we had leftover pieces. She plans to make another cake for Saturday when we see her family.
The young couple (one of us is) with the origami hats she made for us to celebrate with. Not shown the amazing mushroom cauliflower crust homemade pizza I made and the gel pens I got her as a gift.

This WEIGHS on me…

So YouTube is my social media addiction of choice. I sometimes find myself watching competitive eaters. This one guy Randy Santel recently posted about getting into Mount Mary University to study for a Master’s of Dietetics. Ideally, this guy that eats enormous amounts of food for YouTube, wants to offer professional help for people like me.

On the one hand, Kudos to him for choosing a noble profession, on the other hand if I was referred by my family doctor to him once he assumes this profession and I’d say “Hey you’re that guy that used to do competitive eating!”, If his response to me was “I still do.” I would be hard pressed to take him seriously.


Short Story Saturday: Brother’s Campfire Presents “Northwich An Ongoing Tale- Chapter One”…

My latest podcast is the first episode in what is to become a lengthy collaboration with Brother’s Campfire.
Benjamin Thiel’s tale of adventure lasted 250 chapters and recently concluded. This story will appear in monthly segments till it concludes.