About M

The Art of M

One of my many looks that can be defined as straight & slightly bent…

Pro•lif•ic: Bountiful creativity on a daily basis.

Pot•pour•ri: A mixture of things, in this case variety out the wazoo

My creative journey started around age 12 my friends & I would create sketch comedy radio shows on cassette.

By 13, I was making Super 8 movies.

By 15, I would’ve created my first national limited selling comic.

By 18, I would have my first piece of art on exhibit.

By 23, I would have an associate’s degree in Radio/Tv/Film production with a few short films under my belt and some stints in theater production on the local stage.

By 29, I would have produced my second comic, published a zine, worked as both a live show stage tech & costume character actor, had my first solo art exhibit, have a second associate’s degree in animation/media arts and start my career as a Digital Archivist.

In my 30’s, I would exhibit a hell of a lot of times.

In my 40’s, I would start blogging and marry a woman 12 years my junior.

Here and now in my 50’s, I would be one of 10 artists chosen to exhibit their work on a walking path from October of 2021 to August of 2022. Create a short story podcast that would last a little over a year & meet & collaborate with some incredibly talented folks from all over the world. Making Creepy atmospheric Music under my own name & Cool Tunes under the Nom de plume Master D Squared.

~Matt “M” Snyder