Foodie Friday: Inihaw Filipino BBQ…

Omg, not the first tine I have had Filipino food. A former coworkers then husband made it a party and my wife’s cousins huband Chris, would always bring something to a family potluck.

I decided to try the bbq pork skewer (not pictured), panko butterfly shrimp with sweet chili sauce and garlic rice.

Everything was delicious, but the simplicity of fluffy rice with fried garlic was divine. Everything cooked to perfection, I will definitely try more from this place in the future.

The only downside, this being my first time in the restaurant, the owner straight away asked if I was their for a grub hub pick up, when I said “No, Take Out” He seemed annoyed that I stood there looking at the menu. He proceeded to tell me to go over to where the food was to order. When some Filipno customers came in they got the star treatment standing in the same area as me and the guy was all smiles and cordial.

The younger guy there was a lot friendlier and by the smell of the food alone, I tipped well. But the ordering experience annoyed me a bit.

Either way, delicious and worth a trip to North Side Bethlehem, Pa.

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One thought on “Foodie Friday: Inihaw Filipino BBQ…

  1. As a Filo, I can already taste this. Mmmm. Sooo good. I hope the owner has a talk to himself about being a dick and is nicer to you next time. Try the sticky rice if it’s on offer or the adobo xx

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