Word Wednesday: Dream Journal #10…

What a doozy…

My dream starts with me fooling around with this British girl who was a ringer for comedian Jessica Nappett. She gets me to finger her, but I start to wonder when she will return the favor with sexual gratification for me. It appears that she is one of three exchange students living with my family in the house I grew up in. There are two older boys and a younger boy of about 13, who turns to me and says “You fingered her eh ? Good luck with the return favor”

The older boys keep saying they need to get to class. My Dad offers to drive them. I say it’s already 2pm, school ends at 3pm why not just blow it off. They insist and off they go with my Dad. My Mom walks into the room (it was a pleasant surprise to have a comforting visitation dream from both of my parents) and tells me she managed to secure a buyer for a piece of my art for $19,000. I am truly astounded.


The girl and I spend the afternoon walking around England.


The two boys are in this long line headed to a school picnic in the park, my 19 year old nephew is in the line as is a 41 year old coworker..neither of which would be in High School. Of course this is the much thinner High School version of me in this dream.


I insist that the return a sexual favor, instead she agrees to shower with me. My Dad offers me an accordion like portable shower that I open to full size, as we both begin to undress…

My cat wakes me up out of this dream, that despite its hang ups, I wake up happy because I saw both of my parents together again.

2 thoughts on “Word Wednesday: Dream Journal #10…

  1. It’s your dream and you couldn’t get her to return the favor? Sheesh. She’s rough, especially for a dream lover. And I love the mental image of your father handing you an accordion shower for use in this dream. It just made me belly laugh. Fathers can be so supportive!


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