Pass The Baton Challenge for 2023: The Mystery of the Menagerie…

Hey all I decided to take part in this challenge over in Marla’s World. I am supposed to nominate someone to continue the story after mine.

Is anyone that follows me interested please let me know ASAP by the end of today in the comments

Rules for pass the baton

Putting your name in for consideration so that future nominees can find you

The Mystery of the Menagerie

Exhausted, I yanked the door handle on my locker and yanked it open. Looking inside my locker at my shoes up on the top shelf and my clothes neatly folded at the bottom, I felt too run-down to even begin to change. I thought about laying down on the bench that ran between the lockers for a short nap when I saw the most hideous face reflected back at me on the little magnetized mirror hanging inside. Just as I registered that this could be trouble, I was shoved forward, hitting my face and shoulders into the locker.

Adrenaline rushed through me, and I was suddenly very awake. If he wanted a fight, I was glad to oblige.

I’m not a professional boxer, but I think he thought he could daze me with a sneak attack, and whatever it was that he had wanted wasn’t worth fighting over. So, he took off after only a few minutes.

I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that he had split my lip and it was bleeding pretty badly. I looked down to see if any droplets hit the floor, and I saw a note that my assailant had most likely dropped. Opening it, I read:

“S 24”

That was the locker number right next to me. He must have thought I was using that locker and attacked me because of it. What would be important enough to start a fight over? Marla’s Take

…I plopped back down on the bench and grabbed a towel to stop the bleeding on my lip. Staring at an unlocked locker S 24, my curiosity got the best of me, I opened it. Much to my surprise NOTHING was inside.

“So, what the hell ?!”

I got slammed head first into a locker, why ? I started racking my brain, was I on a machine too long, was I staring at this dude ? I can’t worry about this. I manage to control the bleeding on my lip, but I know I’ll need to get some ice at some point. I got dressed and headed out of the gym to the elevator to the parking garage.

I didn’t see Joe Attitude anywhere. This is not how I wanted to end my day. I got on the elevator and pushed G for the garage, on the descent stopping at floor 5 an older woman got on with me. She scowled in my direction, it was most likely my lip. Stopping again at floor three two young men in black hoodies got on and pushed G. They said something to each other. One of the guys looked back at me and smiled… M’s Take

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14 thoughts on “Pass The Baton Challenge for 2023: The Mystery of the Menagerie…

  1. Note: you forgot to notify Sadje of her nomination lol

    You replied to the main nominations post, not to her comment or on her page. She can’t see the nomination unless she keeps going back to the nominations page. FFR, in general you can ping-back to the OP and just drop the link to your post in a comment on the page of the person you’re nominating. I realize that ping-backs are flaky, so you can also just pop the comment into both posts.
    The way you did it also works: if someone volunteered to be a nominee on that page, just pop the comment with the link to yours into the reply to the person you’re nominating so that both the nominee and I get the notice as I moderate and would see it.
    The first way is the best way for unmoderated pages, the second way works if the page is moderated because your nomination wouldn’t get through without the moderator accepting it.
    I hope that makes sense


    1. I suppose, i just thought itvwould be weird if i popped a comment on a post by Sadje when i dont follow them. I couldnt get any takers on my post (one maybe 😔)

      Liked by 1 person

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