Word Wednesday: Dream Journal #9…

I am with my coworker Val at a family gathering of hers. We appear to be romantically involved. When asked about us, Val speaks up to her older kinfolk and says we are dating and plan to marry. I on the other hand start to worry about the consequences. Having to divorce my wife again (I had another dream of the same caliber but with a psycho ex-girlfriend, who at one point tried to run me down with her car in the real world) and then remarry and deal with coworkers who knew my current wife (we met on the job back in 2010) and also know Val.

I could not deal with the anxiety the dream was causing, I woke up in relief that my wife was lying next to me. I grabbed her hands and held them tight.

I eventually drifted off and found myself in another dream where I am naked on the toilet trying to take a crap, when the bathroom door is swung open by the younger 10 yr old version of Val’s daughter Rachel (she is 21 in the the real world). I yell occupied, followed by doesn’t anyone knock !

I wake up.

Surprisingly, I don’t have to go to the bathroom.

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