Foodie Friday: Dinner and a movie edition 3…

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Spending time with my Brother and his family for Christmas but very close to the end of the year on December 30th, to keep in with the holidays coming to an end our choice of movie for the evening was Babes in Toy Land (Re-titled March of the wooden soldiers for TV broadcast and how I remember it most) from 1934 Starring Laurel & Hardy. The film actually takes place in July and is quite a surreal operetta. Especially the cruel casting of a monkey in a full body suit playing a rat. My wife and I really love the music of this film.

Appetizers were the usual ring bologna & cheese provided by my brother Donnie but with pretzel nibs dipped in ale cheese dip as well provided by Jess and I

The main course consisted of a pressure cooked roast beef cooked in a herbal wine sauce with potatoes and green beans by B-I-L Earl

Dessert was a homemade cherry & blueberry pie with rediwhip provided my me

L to R: B-I-L Earl, GF Ashley & Nephew Lucas, Brother Donnie, Wife Jess & Me.

Jess enjoying monthly doggie time with Mocha.

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