Word Wednesday: Existential Answers and then some…

When and where were you happiest? Graduating with honors from a rip off non credited art school, saying I do at 43, but honestly happiest ? Happier yeah…happiest has not really happened as of yet. Can’t say I have ever reached the happiest day of my life in any given decade.

What quality do you like least about yourself? Motivation ? I tend to be more motivated for my job, for my creativity but surely lack motivation when it comes to me personally. But I never stop working on changing that motivation.

What relationship — real or fictionalized — defines love for you? George & Mary Bailey..so many hurdles overcome, even when George gave up, Mary kept fighting.

What would be your last meal? Honestly, hopefully something tasty. I mean can you imagine having a shit meal, undercooked, burned or bland then not having an opportunity to better that shit meal. Lol

What person, place or experience has most altered your life? Every single person that entered my life altered my life in some capacity. Despite the challenge of being married to someone with far worse mental health issues than myself, getting married to someone a bit more outgoing definitely helped me want to explore life a bit more than just going to the movies. She opened up my world for better.

What question would you most like answered? One, that will never be answered on this earthly plain, or come back on March 15 for a bit of a long winded ponder by yours truly.

What in your life has grown out of a personal disaster? I had to file for bankruptcy in my 30’s, i have been able to maintain credit since then even with rotating balances. But, unlike then I have also been able to keep a cushion of savings for emergencies. My wife and I live comfortably, not rich not poor, just comfortable.


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