Word Wednesday: Scrapple Vs. Spam Vs. Black Pudding…

Both Scrapple & Spam were contenders on my foodie bucket list. I never had either in 52 years of eating. Scrapple, I am told has a consistency of Haggis minus the intestinal casing. Scrapple smelled like sausage and I was excited to try it. It was disgusting. It was grainy and tasted more like a bland cousin to the divine liverwurst. I tried it once never to return.

Spam, granted I tried this bacon hybrid (which had zero taste of bacon), wasn’t bad. Slightly creamier version of what Taylor Pork Roll/Ham tastes like, albeit saltier. There is a Spam lite with less sodium, so if I were to get this again I would have that one instead. Spam can be eaten out of the can (it’s precooked) or fried. It tastes better fried. I fry my food with aerosol can butter/oils which coats the pan lighter.

But hands down, black pudding aka blood sausage that I can order at the few UK based eateries in my area is phenomenally delicious. This is my go to for something other than the usual bacon, ham or sausage.

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9 thoughts on “Word Wednesday: Scrapple Vs. Spam Vs. Black Pudding…

  1. No thank you to any of those! I remember my dad eating fried spam sandwiches. I could never get past the gelatinous coating as it plopped out of the can, plus all those fat globules in whatever mystery “meat” he tried to tell me it was made of.

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