Word Wednesday: Dream Journal #8…

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I am snogging* BBC Radio 2 DJ Ferne Cotton in the house i shared with my former housemate Liz (had a room in a house with a black woman my age from 2007-2011).

I am starving, but Ferne has other plans, she wants us to see a show at the 19th St theater (1920’s Art Decco Theater in Allentown, Pa)

The show is almost done and we are there with a few other people, and I say again “It’s getting late going on 11pm being that we skipped dinner, can we please leave ?”

She pulls out a joint (which honestly looked like multicolored chewing gum) and tells me as soon as I finish with this, you want one ?

I wake up. It is funny, i don’t have a real good sense of what Cotton looks like (her pictured above) because i usually only hear her voice for the Sounds of the 90’s show on BBC RADIO 2.

*Slang for Making Out

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