The One Song Three Artists Not a Challenge 😉 Challenge…

The song I shall be released by The Band who were Bob Dylan’s Backing Band is my favorite song of theirs.

Honestly the original

This Amazing Gospel Version (The Version my wife prefers)

and this version I discovered today

are all impressive in their own way.

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12 thoughts on “The One Song Three Artists Not a Challenge 😉 Challenge…

  1. You stated that the song was called the weight, but it’s I shall be released, a dylan original. Did I misread it?
    Also, I’m not sure how you did this, but you picked three versions I have never heard and I love the gospel version and the ladies together. I’m not a fan of the vocals of the Band version. Thank you!!!


      1. I am no muse! I merely decided a post was a challenge when it wasn’t and posted it as a challenge and then posted a retraction. Muses don’t make that many mistakes in one go lol but thank you for the kindness, my friend.
        I Shall Be Released is another one… I wonder if there’s anyone who hasn’t covered it… 🤔

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      2. Nope, still a muse. I won’t have it any other way. Take a compliment and roll with it. I am very choosy with prompts, and i knows yours was in error hence why I called this post what I called with a 😉

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      3. Oh, I understood your title, and got a chuckle from it because I recognized your desire to get in with your own song while giving a nod to those in the know (meaning the three of us who would recognize it: you, me and the OP). I thought the title clever as could be.
        But I will certainly take the compliment. Just please forgive the fact that I am very bad at taking compliments well, and usually balk before I realize I need to shut up and just accept it 😂

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      1. He wrote it in the late 60’s and recorded it with the band. He released an altered version in 70 or 71 without them. When he released the basement tapes he put the original with the band on there…early 90’s maybe. People forget that he didn’t think it was ready so he didn’t put it out. Also, the band was ticking him off 😂


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