Bled Dry (W3 Prompt #41)…


What of me has come before and not after
With riches I made a killing
'Til she made me a
meal awaiting to be consumed by her, the black widow spider
Her venom bleeds me dry, How
do I escape feeling lonely ?
For she is wicked, not I
It's only anguish that I feel
With great regret I feel when I took her in
Heartless veins 40 below ice cold
A gold digger made of
the blackest of night

A golden shovel of "After killing a spider" by Masaoka Shiki 19th Century

*Note this is truly a work of fiction

11 thoughts on “Bled Dry (W3 Prompt #41)…

    1. Yeah when i read the piece to my wife i had to tell her not everything i write is personal and in no way was it about “us” i was just trying to match the prompt poem, I really didn’t want anyone else to read into this piece in the wrong way. 😊

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    1. Thanks not bad I guess for free verse, i do prefer more of a poetic challenge, i had just watched an old movie from the 30’s about a gold digger relationship…which became my inspiration

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