Word Wednesday: Buddy isn’t my name but…

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They keep me chained here.
No matter the weather, the heat, the cold.
I see my friends walk by, they too are chained but they have a freedom I never seem to enjoy. 
We sniff each other.
We bark.
I want that life.
Instead they want me to be mean.
They have all these signs posted.
Then I hear a familiar voice.
He drives past me almost daily. He rolls down his window, looks at me and says "Hey Buddy".
He always says it with a smile.
I like that. 
I often wish he would stop and visit me up close.
I fear they wouldn't like that.
I hate it here.
I want to be his best friend.
I don't want to be theirs.

Dedicated to the dog near my apartment chained to a house,  who I love calling out to as my "buddy" , when I drive past.

image courtesy of pexels.com

5 thoughts on “Word Wednesday: Buddy isn’t my name but…

  1. This is a good representation of a dog I used to see all the time too. I’d say “hey Puppy!” The tail went haywire. I always felt bad for the dog.


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