Pet Peeve of the day…

man orders food to pick up later in the day after his shift

there are two options for pick up

A.S.A.P & Choose a time

Man places order at 1pm and chooses pick up for 3pm

Man gets email receipt with a time stamp that the food will be ready at 3pm

Man gets email that says the order is running late, which is odd because he is picking it up 2 hours later

Man gets third email saying the order is ready for pick up 10 minutes after placing.

Man calls establishment at 3pm and is told the food has been waiting to be picked for the last 2 hours. States his complaint and is told the food will be made fresh for his arrival.

Man arrives to pick up food. Is given attitude by two seperate employees, whips out phone to prove according to the reciept email that the food should have been ready for 3pm.

Employee remaking has the gall to say man probably hit ASAP by mistake. Half the order was remade the other half reheated.


apparently even with hard proof

the customer ISN’T always right

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