A day of thanks…

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I offer thanks to the following

  • Full time employment
  • A great marriage to my beautiful wife
  • That my 5 years older brother is still around to spend time with
  • My brother’s family, my relatives, my wife’s family and relatives
  • My friends (Offline and Fellow Bloggers from all around the world)
  • Our cat Nigel
  • A place to call home even if it’s far from ideal
  • A working car
  • Not breaking any bones after my fall on Oct 31st (although I do have recurring tennis elbow)
  • The opportunity for twice a year vacation’s
  • The ability to cook amazing food (special foodie Thanksgiving edition later today)
  • Despite the hurdles, having a stolen post removed from a hack blog via DMCA Take down.
  • Catching fraud on my debit card in time to block access to my account (because someone felt the need to screw me out of $64 worth of food at a McDonald’s in Indiana and $10 worth of food at a Chick-fil-A in Georgia) Sadly, I recently bought an anime jacket from a website with multiple red flags I didn’t catch for $73, too coincidental to the fraud charges received the same day I got the jacket that had NY Return address label thrown on top of the original label from China from a business that has addresses in 4 different countries, none of which were Japan don’t buy anything from GearOtaku.com
  • To receive very cool bowls from Chel Owens because I won the terrible poetry contest in the Summer
  • To God for giving me 52 years of life and hopefully 52 more 👍😇🤗


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