Word Wednesday: Dream Journal #4…

Well this was a doozy, still reeling off of the booster shot after having a few bizarre fever dreams about not being able to accomplish things because of noodles being an obstruction and getting answers wrong and having to put on layers of clothes.

I am walking in a park that has flooded, I see a car drive thru the water promptly sink. I notice there is a small path on the perimeter that hasn’t flooded, so I walk that. I come upon a bridge but it appears the bridge has partially collapsed. I notice a metal pathway that runs beneath the bridge, I jump down and begin my journey which ends prematurely because the metal walkway has also collapsed and I am unable to continue. Being that jumped a distance to get down, I ponder how I will get back. Do I call 911 for assistance or try hoisting myself up, I choose the latter successfully (in the real world I would have to call 911)


My brother is in college and found a tutoring gig. We are discussing it on a city street, he tells me that the person he is tutoring will stay with me and my parents, when my brother is out at night partying. I ask how he found this job ? He tells me through the app Adult friend finder. I tell him, dude that is probably a front for prostitution. I plead with him to not start the job. I walk down the street and see some guy (who I might know, but he doesn’t look familiar) and my cousin Sherri and tell them about my brother’s job.


My wife wants to have sex, I can’t find the lubrication so I take a huge armful of cold cream and rub it down below. We start, and I feel a premature ejaculation I then say, wait let me get the condom, that I try putting on but it is way too small.


I am in the kitchen of the house I grew up in. It’s filled with relatives who all look like they came out of The Sopranos (I don’t have Italian lineage), this one young guy says “I had my first hit” while waving around a wad of cash.

I wake up.

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