I have become obsessed with this word game, thanks Tater. Just slightly bummed that I didn’t screen save the 2 times I got it in one.

22 thoughts on “Wordle…

  1. Oh man! Close! This situation is my least favorite, closely followed by a word like ‘match’ -where I guess ‘batch’ and then ‘watch’ and then ‘catch’… 😀

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  2. Well, I’m going to have to change my starting word to ‘labia’ now! 🤣Good going my friend. We’re pretty similar stats wise – although I’m not sure I’ve ever got it in one! 👍🖤

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    1. Really, i never took vocabulary as intellectual, plus there are ways of deduction. If i am stuck, i will be the first admit that i will google “5 letter words Starts with S 4th letter E as a brain fog lifter”

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