Foodie Friday: Rakki Ramen…

So when my wife and I celebrated 12 years as a couple, she was still recuperating from her fractured foot and I wasn’t feeling 100% after my Covid Booster (I would take off without pay the following day, because I was still exhausted).

I had bought a mini cake prior to the weekend to celebrate with (primarily because my wife is all about dessert) and I would get some take out at a joint in South Bethlehem, Pa called Rakkii Ramen.

For Appetizers my wife ordered the pan-fried Vegetable Gyoza with infused soy dipping sauce which was delicious and I would order the surprisingly bland Chashu Bun (which was hard to understand considering it’s components of soy braised pork belly, napa cabbage slaw, lettuce, sweet and spicy sauce in a steamed bun.

Soup wise, my wife opted for the amazingly aromatic and once again delicious Sukiyaki Udon with the flavor profile of Soy dashi broth, scallions, tofu, napa cabbage & melt in your mouth marinated shaved beef.

I foolishly went with a unique take on Ramen. For whatever reason I believed a restaurant specializing in Ramen would make that the star dish. Unfortunately, the Udon was far superior. I ordered the even more bland than the appetizer Tonkotsu Ramen. Tonkotsu is pig bone broth which is supposed to have a strong meaty flavor, it tasted like bland bone water more than “broth”, with ajitsuke tamago (gross soy marinated eggs), Chashu (pork belly), bamboo shoots, scallions, nori (seaweed), narutomaki (fish cakes) and black garlic oil, and stuck together noodles. Most elements of my soup were delicious (the exceptions being the egg, the broth and the noodles) sigh. Definitely NOT worth getting Ramen here.

For dessert we shared a small vanilla frosted strawberry jam short cake

11 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Rakki Ramen…

  1. Happy Anniversary. The food looks sooo delicious. Usually the ramen broth should be delicious, but I guess some restaurant didn’t have the time to cook it from scratch…

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