What’s a Halloween without a bit of darkness…

Walking to my car dressed as The Great Pumpkin, holding my fudge monsters, my work bag and a bag of treats and rubber duckies to hand out when before ya know I am on the ground at after 6am. A few fudgies survived, i got a scraped left knee and a few pulled muscles in my right arm. I have already been dealing with pain in that arm from over use at the gym a few yesrs back. Essentially call me Mr. ITUS

My wife suggested urgent care which the building that houses was open at 645 am but UC itself didn’t open till 8am. So I stuck around a few hours to hear that i didn’t break, fracture or tear anything after a few strength tests, i was told i pulled a few muscles and should Ice, Rest, Ibuprofin and Stretch. Just don’t lift or carry heavy things, honestly the most painful moment of my day was clicking the seatbelt.


The mighty great pumpkin soldiered on in some pain, used 2 hours of paid time off, and managed to make the prodction rate.

39 thoughts on “What’s a Halloween without a bit of darkness…

  1. Sorry Matt. On a positive note the shirt came through well, you have amazing orange socks and there seems to be 2 pumpkin hitchhikers on your head- all in all a quintessential Halloween good time!

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    1. Pulled enough to not bring about black & blues or swelling. Although I was a tad peeved at the take fall prevention tips, all having to do with indoors…when I fell outdoors in the wee dark morning hours carrying too much. It doesn’t help that the curb to the parking lot is like a cement skate board half pipe.

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  2. By now I trust you are past the ill effects of your fall, Matt. I ran into a tree limb that smacked the side of my head right after Halloween and I am only now starting to feel normal again.

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    1. The pain isn’t as pronounced but it remains accompanied by stiffness. So I am always stretching my arm and using biofreezs. i have tendonitis that flares at times in various muscles and arthritis in joints. So I live with a degree of pain,the fall just increased the level. I am currently not at that level a week later 😁

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