91 Comments and 61 likes later…A message from Ashley’s family — Mental Health @ Home

Ashley’s family sadly wishes to inform her readers that she passed away on October 9th. She could no longer bear the suffering she was experiencing and finally succumbed to her severe depression. Her obituary can be found at: dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/vancouver-bc/ashley-peterson-10985838## Thank you for supporting her blog as we know it was very important to her and […]

A message from Ashley’s family — Mental Health @ Home

This news from which I was informed by another close blogging friend, Claudette over at Writer of Words has still resonated within me.

It’s a gut punch that is hard to just take in and turn off about because I and so many many many many people I know deal with Demons & Dark Clouds on the daily.

In 12 years I have dealt with suicide from a very close angle, not myself primarily because one of my own demons that plague my Anxiety is that of no longer existing, but my wife’s bipolarity which has had multiple suicidal attempts, two inpatient and two outpatient stays.

Whenever I wrote ridiculously rough posts about my struggles, Ashley would pop up with a bit of support. She was an active presence on my previous blog A Prolific Potpourri.art, which highlighted a lot more of my darkness from 2018 onward.

I have a hard time losing people in general, and even though I never actually met Ashley in person. I still considered her a friend. As I do most people through this version of social media, more than any other.

i can’t imagine HOW someone kills themselves when they have touched so many people with their exhuberant positivity.

life is quite mysterious

Much love and respect to the Paterson Family 22 days later 😔🖤💔

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